Pain Management and Opioid Crisis

Research Proposal

A research essay achieves several goals, but the most important are inquiring, advancing knowledge, and supporting arguments. The final essay for this class will ask you to create a narrow research question, develop a thesis, and support your thesis with credible research. It will also ask you to be thorough. Remember, you are discussing a cause and effect relationship.

This first assignment asks you to create a proposal, refine your research questions, and conduct preliminary research.


Topic Introduction (approximately one page)
What is your general topic?
What do you know about the topic before you conduct your research?
What do you think or believe about your topic before you conduct your research?
Why is this topic interesting to you? Why did you choose this topic?
What did you hope to learn as you get started?
What is (are) your overall research question(s)? (only 1 or 2)
The Preliminary Research (approximately 1 page)
Describe your search process.What search terms did you use and what types of sources did you use?
Where did you find the best information? Describe the sources.
Where did you find the most success in answering your research questions?Explain.
Where did you have failures?Explain.
Where do you think you might run in to roadblocks in your research process? How will you overcome these challenges?

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