Develop an Advocacy Memo

Discuss the role and impact of lobbyists, special interest groups, and other consumer advocates on the development of healthcare policies in the U.S.
You are the communications director for the health lobby organization, Health Citizens of America. After carefully researching the pros and cons of premium support, your organization has taken a stance. The Executive Director has requested that you draft a memo to policymakers outlining the company’s position on recently proposed reforms to Medicare.
Concerns about the long-term viability of Medicare have intensified in recent years, prompting the introduction of several proposed solutions. Converting the current Medicare program into a premium support program is among the most common and controversial of proposed plans. Proponents have publicized premium support as the most effective plan to reduce Medicare spending. Those who oppose premium support argue that the amount of vouchers provided under the proposed program would not keep pace with rising healthcare costs, leaving lower-income enrollees without the ability to afford adequate medical care.

Your memo should include your organization’s position on premium support, either lobbying for or against it. Your organization’s position will be based on your research and your own conclusions about premium support. You must justify your stance, either for or against premium support. Include a detailed assessment of the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Commonwealth Fund’s analysis on premium support.
The memo should include a review of the analysis from the CBO.
a. Compare the CBO’s findings to that of the Commonwealth Fund.
b. Present a coherent argument to support your organization’s position on the reform issue in order to lobby for legislative support


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