Aliens in the U.S.

There are many ways in which aliens enter the U.S. illegally or legally and penetrate the US society until or when they are caught and removed. Illegal aliens enter the US mainstream society by using illegally obtained documents to obtain authentic government issued documents.

Explain with the help of examples, how illegal aliens obtain documents illegally.

According to you, what is the most common document sought by illegal aliens? Explain how is it feasible for them to obtain it? Why do you think so?

What is a legal entry document? What is the difference between a counterfeit document and a fraudulently altered document? According to you, which is easier to obtain and why?

What, according to you, are illegal alien networks? Explain how and what they do to facilitate illegal alien entry and the acquisition of documents, and to assist in reaching a final destination.

Alien networks are loosely related but are distinct to their function and geographic area. Explain these distinctions with the help of appropriate examples.

In what geographic areas would pro-immigrant groups concentrate their network activities? Why? What two strategies would you employ to break this nexus?



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