Impact the pharmacokinetics of the drug

Details: For this assignment each colleague had to use the knowledge gained from the readings, evaluate how a typical drug, when orally administered, may be handled differently by two patients. (The two patient’s information is attached) We had to assume no other significant medical history or issues with either patient. In our analysis, we had to compare how the two patients will metabolize the drug considering weight, gender, distribution of body water and body fat, age, metabolic state, and alcohol use. We then had to explain how these factors impact the pharmacokinetics of the drug (half-life, dosage, route of administration, and elimination of the drug). And finally we had to evaluate the impact on the risk-benefits analysis of the use of this drug.
Please read Colleague Karly M response to the assignment in regards to the two patients. (Karly M response to the assignment in regards to the two patients is attached) Assess Colleague Karly M responses for the correctness of her statements, her integration of the pertinent aspects of each patient’s situation, and her views of the risk-benefits analysis. Please use information from the required resources to support your statements.

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