Data Management & Epidemiologic Analysis

SPSS Software Needed – Data Management & Epidemiologic Analysis

Consider the following data set Bears, representing measurements on anesthetized wild bears. Using SPSS statistical software, perform the following

Since we have sex as one of the variables, split the data set by the variable sex and draw histograms for males and females for the variable age. Roughly speaking what is the shape of each histogram?
Draw a comparison box plot for the variable Weight for both males and females. Which of males or females have higher variability?
Calculate the descriptive statistics for males and females for the variables head length and Chest.
Do you think that the Weight of males and females have the same shape? Illustrate using graphs.
Do you think that the age of males or females follow a normal distribution? Draw a normal probability plot and comment on it.
Test the normality of the head length of males and females.
Calculate a 99% confidence interval estimate for the mean weight for males and females bear.

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