A Visit tothe Cemetery Père Lachaise

Schedule of Instruction

Week1 Day 1: Introduce the assignment

Homework: Students complete Worksheet 1 which hopefully leads them to their prompt

Day 2: Groups share worksheets
Refine prompts

Class lecture and discussion
on the thesis
introduction leading to the thesis

Homework: Worksheet 2

Week 2 Day 1: Groups discuss tentative theses
and share introductions

Class lecture and discussion on structuring the essay
and building body paragraphs

Homework: Worksheet 3

Day 2: Groups review and discuss each other’s outlines

Lecture and discussion on writing the conclusion

Homework: Second draft

Week 3 Day 1: Peer review

Lecture and discussion on global revision and editing

Day 2: Assignment Due

A Visit to the Père Lachaise Cemetery

Worksheet 1 Name (Print – Last, First) _____________ _____________

1. My person of interest: ____________________________

2. Copy the Wikipedia page about your person and highlight information that in your opinion …

is interesting

requires more investigation

leads to an interesting question

Staple this page to the back of your worksheet

3. Where did your research take you from there? (1 Paragraph)

4. Write out an interesting question about your person that could possibly serve as a prompt for your paper.

A Visit to the Père Lachaise Cemetery

Worksheet 2 Name (Print – Last, First) ____________________ _____________

1. What is the title of your essay?

2. What is your tentative thesis?

3. Write a tentative introduction to your essay. This introduction should contain the following:

o A hook (suggested but not required)

o Sentences that clearly and logically lead the reader to your thesis statement.

o A bridge to the thesis

o A tentative thesis

o A bridge to the first body paragraph (suggested but not required)

A Visit to the Père Lachaise Cemetery

Worksheet 3 Name (Print – Last, First) ____________________ _____________

1. Do a rough draft of your paper (two to three pages).Don’t worry about neatness, grammar, punctuation, or sentence structure. Just write.

Staple the rough draft to this worksheet

2. Outline. Go through your rough draft and type out the following for each body paragraph:

(Body paragraph # _____)

Topic sentence –

What I want this paragraph to cover (one or two sentences) –


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