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Should we care about the hidden cities?
Yes, we should definitely care about the hidden cities. As a country of building something out of nothing and maintaining that “something” over centuries we should want growth from every corner of the globe. As a decent person we should not want to see anyone live in such poverty. In a business stand point it would be very forward thinking to provide a service or product that would help the hidden cities to become a more efficient part of the society it is surrounded by. When as a business you have a certain market you can service it is better on the business if it is an untapped market.
What role would it have on international business?
As an international business it is very important and business savvy in my opinion to find an avenue that your business can strive to success. International business can be hard for some depending on the service and or products the business offers. I think the business would maybe have to think if a restructure could be in the plan in order to better the hidden city. I think it depends on the motive of the business. If the motive of the international business is genuine then it may always be an up hill battle. I say that because anytime someone or a company is trying to genuinely do right by the people there is always a steeper hill to clime. Progress in the right direction is a long hard road but definitely worth it in the end. A smart business operator will assume the tough road ahead and conquer it. That is the role of international business in regards to the hidden cities. Take it by storm and make it a better place. One step, one day at a time. And like I said earlier it will definitely be worth it.

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Should we care about the hidden cities? What role would it have on international businesses?
Yes, we should care about hidden cities. As of right now, these cities are not capable of expanding their economic growth. These poor communities make up for 1/8 of the population in today’s world. This fraction is a great amount of people that can have a positively affect in international business. Once these cities have received the attention that they need, they will prosper in the future.
Some companies intervene within communities that need additional help to overcome poverty. For an example, if the business sells food normally they will provide meals for the community in need. This will give the business recognition for their social achievements and many other businesses will follow the same footsteps. This in turn, will make way for a new market.
If businesses can open a new market, there will be more activity in the area. The more businesses that begin, jobs will be available for the community. In the future, it is estimated that the population will increase in the hidden cities. Businesses will need to find ways to accommodate the rising population. The best solution will be to expand their services to the community with hopes of building these areas up.
I would like to see economic growth within the hidden cities. There are many communities experiencing poverty and having trouble with providing jobs for the needy. With advanced jobs and opportunities businesses can help alter such troubles. Doing business internationally, will help offer jobs all over the universe not just locally. When I start my own business, I plan on networking internationally for business growth and opportunities of beginning networking relationships. Finding reputable vendors have been a struggle for me. You never know which vendors are trustworthy even though there are customer reviews.
Do you agree or disagree with your classmates’ posts? Reply in 200 words.

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