Spare Parts for SalePreview the documen

After reading Monir Moniruzzaman’s “Spare Parts for SalePreview the document.” please answer the following questions

1. What does the author mean by the “commodification” of body parts? What are the implications of such a metaphor for how people think about the human body?

2. What do you think about the author’s argument for why there cannot be an open, legal market for organs? If you ave two kidneys, what is to prevent you from selling one of them? What parts of the body can we sell (if any)?

3. What explanatory model of kidney function do brokers use to convince poor people to sell their organs? How is this explanation deceptive and/or manipulative?

4. Are the 150 reusable parts of the body usually taken from the poor and given to the rich? Why do you think this is the case? What alternatives are there?

5. What is bioviolence? How might it be reduced or eliminated?


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