Analyzing Data and Communicating Findings

During Modules 1-3, you composed a purpose, problem statement, question(s), and a literature review for your action research project. You also decided on a methodology, in which you designed a data collection plan for two data sources and completed data collection.

In the Module 4 Application, you will analyze the data you have collected from the two sources to identify trends and themes in your research. You will present a draft of your report and communicate your research findings to colleagues to gather their feedback and input on potential strategies for developing an implementation plan

Data Analysis

Analyze the data that you have collected from the two sources. Describe your findings/results. How do the data help answer your research question(s)? Describe themes or patterns evident in your data collection. Use tables, charts, or graphs to support your descriptions when appropriate.


In one to two paragraphs, summarize the conclusions you draw from your data analysis and findings.

Part 2: Communicating Your Findings

Share the draft of your research report with colleagues at your school or organization. Describe the communication you had with colleagues (this can be face-to-face or virtual). How did you present your findings to them? What ideas or suggestions did they offer? For personal communication, you will cite in-text as shown in examples below:

Write a citation where the communicator is mentioned in the text in this format: According to S. R. Becerra (personal communication, October 1, 2013), this statistic… Format a parenthetical citation in this manner: (S. R. Becerra, personal communication, October 1, 2013)

Give the initials and the surname of the communicator, and provide the date of the interview/exchange. Since most forms of personal communication do not provide recoverable data, you do not include this in the reference list. You will only cite in-text.

Part 3: Future Actions

What are your next steps? What would you do differently if you could?

What change do you expect your research to promote? Include at least one idea for future action research that builds on your initial proposal. At least one well-developed paragraph is needed for this section.

References: Use APA 6th edition standard. Double-space your reference section, and list in alphabetical order by author’s last name.

Appendices: If applicable, include any surveys (a copy of the survey used – not completed surveys) or tables in your Appendix.


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