Psychological perspective, graffiti

Part A: :: Consider what you learned about art therapy in the beginning of this theme to answer the following question:

Do you think graffiti could be considered a form of art therapy? Why or why not?
Create a post at least one paragraph in length that addresses this question. Keep in mind that from a grading perspective, there is no single correct answer. Respond from a particular social-scientific perspective (psychological, sociological, or anthropological). In your post, be sure to state the perspective you have chosen.

Part B::: In response to your peers, explain whether you agree or disagree with their conclusions, and explain why.

Paragraph 1: In my opinion to understand Graffiti we should look at it as a form of street art. These people are talented and have great opportunities for careers in the art industry. Yes sometimes we see unwanted graffiti like on traffic signs , buildings of businesses and on personal property. However, if we look at it as a form of crime and bust these artists than they will continue to tag in unnecessary areas. I think graffiti should be allowed on certain and strictly purposes , maybe offer classes to allow students to explore there talent and view as art instead of a form of marking their own territory. If we allow nudity to be a respect of art , that there should be allowed for street art. The young crowd loves it and it is a strong market that can increase so many sales to businesses. Graffiti is also a great way to let go of anger, anxiety, depression or any type of emotion. I look at it as a healthy way of therapy.

Paragraph 2: I do feel graffiti is a form of art therapy, absolutely. As someone who’s done art therapy before over years of work, I can tell you, art therapy can be so many things: like drawing, painting, dance, and welding. Art is a fantastic way to express, or even discover, how you’re feeling about something. I have worked with psychologists and art therapists that worked in tandem to give me and other patients tools to help with getting through every day issues. Art isn’t just for “artists” to make, it’s for everyone to create, and explore, and have fun. Street art does an excellent job of showing that to many people, and empowering them to pick up a brush, or a marker, or a spray can, and make art. While I do believe that illegal graffiti is wrong, I don’t think if people pushed to include more graffiti art in public places that illegal graffiti would rise as well. The people who do graffiti in areas they’re not supposed to are well aware of their actions, and regardless, I don’t agree with the public perception of some people doing something illegal means graffiti art can’t be used for rehabilitative purposes.

Part C::: Answer 3 short question in the pdf file. Use lecture for reference. please follow instruction in guidelines and rubric.

Just need APA style reference for Part A discussion.

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