Metrology & Revware

Like always, use the audio file as the MAIN resources for the paper. I also upload a few pdf files which are the background info. And plz FOCUS on the third paragraph which counts more percentage of grades than other paragraphs.
This time the audio file is kind large and unclear since the speaker can’t speak too loud during the class… And here is the google drive link. Plz let me know if you can open the audio file.

Here is the specific instruction from the professor which is same as last time:
After each technology discussion, write a 1-page report to be submitted prior to the next class. The report will have three sections, a one-paragraph summary of the technology, a one-paragraph description of how this technology could be used in your market, or in your life, and a final third paragraph discussing on why you believe this is, or is not, disruptive technology in that market. One of the learning objectives of this class is the ability to describe technologies to non-engineers, so your grade on each paper will include a component for how clear, concise, and grammatically correct your paper is, as well as its accuracy.



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