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Review the e-Vital business case. Consider how elements relate to problems implementing the Affordable Health Care act technology.

I realize that in the lecture I mentioned that there is a written assignment for this week but since our schedule called for a class discussion this week I have modified the requirements.

Preparation: The lecture discussed contracting issues and also spent considerable time talking about the information technology business case. Spend time carefully reviewing this example business case: (Attached)

Note that this example is just being provided so that you can see what types of content are being included in each section.

Now read this discussion of problems implementing (Attached)

Now spend a few minutes making informal notes using this (Attached) to develop your thoughts about implementation of the Affordable Care Act, which has experienced many problems during its implementation. Pay particular attention to the performance measures and the risk assessment sections of the business case.

You DO NOT have to develop or submit a detailed business case for HealthCare.Gov (I wouldn’t subject you to that, lol). You are just going to use the notes for posting your discussion this week.


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