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have attached a discussion forum posting that needs both grammatical and sentence structure revisions. It is only 300 words in length.

Since it is a response, to an already conducted simulation; I will give detailed instructions on how to access the simulation once a tutor has been selected.

Module 2: Sim Discussion
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The simulation you are completing as part of your Portfolio Project is used to apply your expanding knowledge of project management. In Weeks 1-6 you will participate in a discussion about your experiences with the simulation; altogether, your participation in these discussions is worth 90 points of the 350-point project, so it is important that you engage in the weekly conversations.

In this Week 2 Sim Discussion, share your experiences with Lesson 1: Initiating/Planning and your progress within the simulation.

Identify, integrate, and cite a project management concept related to initiating or planning that is discussed in one of the two course textbooks in your response.
Your post must include the course textbook you have selected in the References, and the concept from it that you have selected must be specifically cited using at least one in-text citation in the body of your post. In addition, make sure to include specific details about your interaction with the material in the simulation.


1) Go to www.doublemasters.com (Links to an external site.)

2) Click on “My Account”

3) Enter your email and password you just created when you registered for the simulation

4) At the bottom of the My Account screen, you will find “Your Sessions”. Click on the highlighted simulation name “Project Integration Management” under the Simulation column. You will then enter the simulation.

The simulation will begin to run in the HOME Tab.

Instructions on how to run the simulation as well as the different tabs are explained in the Introduction section which will begin once you enter the simulation. This same information can also be found in the HELP tab.

You are not obligated to run the simulation in one setting. Just press the “Suspend” button at the top right-hand corner when running the simulation to return at a more convenient time. The simulation is in the cloud and will pick up where you left off.

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