McDonald’s—Food Labeling

1: Spotlight on McDonald’s—Food Labeling. A McDonald’s Happy Meal® consists of an entrée, a small order of French fries, a small drink, and a toy. In the early 1990s, McDonald’s Corp. began to aim its Happy Meal marketing at children aged one to three. In 1995, McDonald’s began making nutritional information for its food products available in documents known as “McDonald’s Nutrition Facts.” The documents list the food items that the restaurant serves and provide a nutritional breakdown, but the Happy Meal is not included.

2: Negotiable Instruments. Muriel Evans writes the following note on the back of an envelope: “I, Muriel Evans, promise to pay Karen Marvin or bearer 100$ o demand. ” Is this a negotiable instruments? Discuss fully. (See Formation of Negotiable Instruments.)


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