Nongovernmental Police Forces

Additionally the M.U.S.E. link titled “Formulating and Substantiating an Argument” can be found below to assist with writing a substantive paper.

In this Unit 3 DB students will be examining NONGOVERNMENTAL police forces. Please make sure to explore the assignment from more than one perspective for an A score. See these links exploring Judges who went to jail for making money by putting kids in jail.

Again remember to examine the issue from different angles. Remember to research OPPOSING VIEWS as well as CONTROVERSIAL PERSPECTIVES. We are looking for a thorough discussion that includes alternative views.


Identify and discuss at least 3 different types of nongovernmental police or security forces. You may also choose to profile 3 real-life private detectives or bounty hunters by presenting a biography and history on them and their exploits.
You may combine the above two tasks as long as you explore at least 3 forces or detectives in your combination.
Research and discuss at least 1 example of criminal wrongdoing by a private police or security force or personnel. This example does not have to be about one that was already covered, and it does not have to be from within the United States. Where possible, your discussion of the research should include statistical data about the different types of nongovernmental police or security forces.
Express your thoughts and feelings about the use of nongovernmental police and security forces. Do you have any policy recommendations for or against them?


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