Discussion – Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage is a science fiction movie in which a group of scientists in a submarine are miniaturized and injected into a patient s bloodstream. Their mission is to travel to the patient s brain and remove a blood clot that has caused the patient to become comatose.

During their journey to the brain, the shrunken scientists encounter many of the structures discussed in this lesson and have some dangerous encounters with them. They have to move quickly to avoid being attacked by the patient’s immune system, which recognizes them as foreign objects.

For this discussion forum, imagine yourself as one of these scientists and respond to the following questions from the viewpoint of traveling through a patient’s bloodstream in a miniaturized submarine.

What type of blood cell would pose the greatest threat? Support your choice. Imagine that your miniaturized submarine is attacked by a defensive blood cell. Write a short description about the specific type of blood cell (include its appearance) and the attack.

Besides the defensive blood cells, what other threats would you face from the patient’s immune system? Describe a few structures that would attempt to destroy you and the way they would attempt to do this.

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All posts must be two paragraphs or more (a paragraph is described as containing at least three sentences). Read other students posts and respond to at least one other student.

Use any personal experience, if appropriate, to help support your post. If differences of opinion occur, discuss the issues and provide examples to support your opinions.


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