The Math Card Game Challenge

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapters 9 and 10 in the text, and read the article located in the Ashford University Library The Math Card Game Challenge. This exercise is designed to provide an opportunity for you to hone your idea development skills experimentation by learning to adopt the mindset of a rapid prototyper. A rapid prototyper is one who is able to design, test, and communicate possible solutions for an idea on a continuously evolving scale as more knowledge is gained from successive experimentations (Puccio, Cabra, & Schwagler, 2018).

In this exercise inspired by a verse from Roger Miller’s Emmy Award winning song, Statler Brothers – Flowers on the Wall (Links to an external site.), you will be given a deck of 51 playing cards out of the normal deck of 52. Your task is to design and test a new game that can be played with this deck by two or three of your personal acquaintances. You will then modify and retest your design based on what you learn from the initial test.

You will document your designs and the results of your tests in a Wakelet (Links to an external site.) collection for posting to the discussion forum. Consult the Wakelet Support (Links to an external site.)website for guidance in creating a collection.

Complete the following steps:

Design a new game using any 51 of the 52 cards found in a traditional deck of playing cards.

The game may be designed to be played by an individual or a group of players.
Provide a simple set of rules for playing and scoring the game.
Give the game a name that best describes its design.
Prepare the game for actual play.
Conduct a test of the game on two or three of your friends or acquaintances. Observe the game as it is being played, and be prepared to ask and record the responses to the following questions:

“How did you feel about the game? Did you find the game entertaining?”
“What did you find enjoyable about the game?”
“What would you recommend be changed about the game?”
Revise the design of the game based on your analysis of the feedback comments and your personal observations.

Repeat the test, preferably with the same individuals who participated originally, recording their responses to the same questions used in the first test.

Document the design and the results from both tests in a Wakelet (Links to an external site.) collection.

Post a link to the Wakelet (Links to an external site.) collection in the discussion forum for Interactivity 1: A Deck of 51 by Day 3.


Do I have to use Wakelet?

No, you may document your results using any application that allows you to display your results with a link for viewing by your classmates.
To use Wakelet, you will need to create a Wakelet account, but it is free.



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