Statement of Recommended Action

Please answer using clinical guideline provided. Attached is example of PowerPoint with section 4 domain. please make similar with reference to what page sourced.…(clincial guideline)

please refer to this web page on how to answer questions for domain 4…

questions below need to be answered so they can be used for speaker notes. please see how example power point was written

15. The recommendations are specific and unambiguous.

Statement of the recommended action
• identification of the intent or purpose of the recommended action (e.g., to improve quality of life, to decrease side effects)

identification of the relevant population (e.g., patients, public)
16. The different options for management of the condition or health issue are clearly presented.

description of options
description of population or clinical situation most appropriate to each option
17. Key recommendations are easily identifiable.

description of recommendations in a summarized box, typed in bold, underlined, or presented as flow charts or algorithms
specific recommendations are grouped together in one section

If you can open example powerpoint and look at section 4 domain speaker notes as this will give you a good idea of what the assignment entails

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