How Can we Save the Planet from Desertification?

Desertification is commonly defined as a fancy terminology for land that is turning to desert. One of the problems leading to desertification is humans in the population creating too much bare or dry ground. In certain parts of the world such as Africa environments are changing from months of humid grassland to months of bare aired desert. Approximately two-thirds of the world’s population is being converted from green plantation to desertification. Desertification is primarily happening in arid and semi-arid parts of the world’s continents. When rain water runoff soaks into bare soil grounds and evaporates out into the air as carbon monoxide gas this causes desertification to span outward. By examining the bottom of grasslands you will find that the soil is covered with a crust of algae emitting methane. This is causing a harmful cancer to the earth’s atmosphere in what people are failing to observe with desertification. Desertification is destroying many national parks and civilizations by removing the vegetation of plants. The end solution to eliminating desertification is, to mimic nature with flocks of cattle livestock in grazing over dry areas to prepare crop yields breaking down methane.

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