Teenage Pregnancy; Author Information

  • Write a summary of the article attached below in 500 words, minimum (Write Two Pages)
  • 12 point font Times New Roman
  • Double spaced.
  • Name, class, and class time at the top right corner
  • Paper should include a works cited page with the 1 source citation MLA FORMAT.
  • Don’t forget, it will be linked to VeriCite to review for plagiarism.
  • Your summary must answer the following questions.
  • 1. Who is the author? What kind of organization is the author associated with?
  • That is, what are the author’s credentials?
  • 2.What are the author’s main ideas/key points?
  • 2a.What is the background of the research? Why are they doing this research? (Background)
  • 2b. What are their methods, i.e. what did they do?
  • 2c.What are their important results? What did they find as a result of this research? (Results)
  • 2d. Why do they think these results happened? What do their results indicate for future research/application? (Discussion)
  • 3.Why is the author writing this work
  • 4. When you combine all your answers above into one paragraph, you have an annotation. Revise and edit it for narrative coherence and readability.
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