Lifespan Management and Geriatrics Health


Write a 200 word response to the following:

  • How do you define lifespan management? Is it different than what you imagined prior to beginning this course? If so, how? Provide details.

Write a 200-word response to the following:

  • Identify a population that may need lifespan management and discuss a service that might fit their need. Provide details.

Read and respond to the post below. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions.(50words)

Lifespan is defined as the length of time a person, animal, or thing lives. Management is defined as the process of dealing or controlling things or people. I had to break down lifespan and management down to fully understand the meaning. Lifespan management is the way individuals process to improve their lives. A patient’s healthcare team plays an important role in their lifespan due to their knowledge. They are also aware of chronic diseases that has an impact on death and can assist patients with preventative measures. Patients who have a condition that can affect their lifespan, that is when lifespan management comes into play. Providers can help patients with better understand the importance of intaking nutrition that if good, exercising regularly, controlling weing, and building healthy relationships. Lifespan is not all about medication and health providers know that which is why they focus on the overall health of their patients. Patients also play an important role of their lives. They are more willing to achieve their lifespan goal with assistance and knowing they have power to control their condition. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lifespan management could play an important role in preventative measures of hereditary diseases, reduce mortality rates, and act as motivating factors to human beings in general (Cakmur, 2018).


Cakmur, H. (2018). Geriatrics Health. London, UK: IntechOpen.

Read and respond to the post below. Be constructive and professional with your thoughts, feedback, or suggestions. (50words)

The elderly population might need lifespan management and can utilize services from a caregiver or home health aide. agency to help with assisting with everyday daily living skills such as maintaining personal hygiene, laundry, preparing meals, and accompanying them medical appointments. I currently work as a private caregiver part time during the day and there are so many elders living alone with no family support because of their location. I have a client that is very dependent on me to help her. One of the main reasons behind her lack of family support is because her children lives in a different state from her and she has refused to move back closer to them. There is but so much I am able to do when she is non compliant with her doctors orders when taking her medications and due her stubbornness she is causing her health to decrease and will leave her doctor no choice but to admit her into the hospital or even a nursing home.



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