Short stories analysis

Pick one of the short stories:
“A Good Man is Hard to Find”
“Everyday Use”
Analyze ONE literary element (such as symbolism, imagery, foreshadowing, etc) to show/prove that ONE theme (see Common Literary Themes) is present.
Include TWO secondary sources using the “TJC Library Resources” (left-hand menu)
Submit the essay with a Works Cited page as one Word document.

Minimum 500 words.

Common Literary Themes
When you are writing your literary analyses, you will be looking for the theme of the work under study. Be sure to review Chapter 13: Themes, starting on page 381 in the textbook. The following list of common literary themes may help you get started.

Love/ Friendship

Fall from grace
Noble Sacrifice
Loss of Innocence/ Coming of Age/ Initiation
Change vs. Tradition
Circle of Life
Convention and Rebellion
Image vs. Reality
Chaos and Order
Desire to escape
Deception/ The Big Trick
Feminism/ Men’s roles vs. Women’s roles

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