Effects of Cuban – American cultures

For your project, please pick an immigrant group to research. The goal of your project will be to explain how this group has influenced or contributed to American culture, and to teach the class about an additional group we will not already be discussing in class. You can do a project on any ethnic group; it does not need to be your family background. The projects will be due and shared with the class over three class periods, Nov. 10 – Nov. 17. I will assign each person a specific date later in the semester.

Options:You can pick one of the following ideas, combine a couple of them, or do something completely different. Make sure I approve your immigrant group and idea before you begin.

1. Interview: Interview someone about their immigrant experience. The person may be someone you know, or someone you don’t know. You can video the interview, if you’d like, but it’s not necessary to do so.

2. Photographic essay: Pick an ethnic neighborhood. This could be a neighborhood in or around Hartford, one in your hometown or city, or someplace you’ve never been before. Take photographs of the people, stores, schools, etc., and give a written description of each photo. You’ll want to research why and when this particular immigrant group came to this neighborhood. What traditions/culture have they been able to maintain? How has the neighborhood changed over time? (Make sure, of course, that you can do this safely and social distance while taking photographs.)

3. Music: Prepare some music for us to listen to. Explain the history, influence, and significance of the immigrant music for American history and culture.

4. Film: Explain how a particular genre of film or film director/writer has influenced American culture. Find a small clip of a film or films for us to watch as examples.

II. For the written part:
To go along with your project, please write a two- page paper. The paper should include a summary of your project, as well as a short, general history of the immigrant group you picked. (When did people from this group migrate here; why did they leave their native country; where did they settle in this country, etc.) Explain any thoughts or things that surprised you while doing your project. Make sure to list your sources at the end of the paper.

Have fun with this, but I expect a lot of thought and effort to go into your work!


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