Diffusion of Innovation or Community Mobilization ”Vaping”

-For Diffusion of Innovation: How will you get your target populations to adopt your pretend health promotion/risk reduction/prevention idea (could be an intervention, health behavior, program recruitment, screening, new device, vaccination, etc.). What strategies will you use to address each segment of your population from innovators to laggards? Think about how each segment navigates the world, socializes, communicates, thinks, etc. What segment do you fall into?

-For Community Mobilization (Community Action Cycle): How would you engage a target community into action with regard to a specific topic? How would you take us through the steps of the Community Action Model. Like usual, this is your scenario. What activities, strategies, enagagement styles, messaging, communication channels, and tools would you use? Who are your stakeholders and gatekeepers? Have you done any community work, advocacy, or mobilization before?

-Make sure to cite any sources you use in-text and reference.

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