Current cultural dynamics and racism

As you enter the social work profession, it is relevant to revisit the work of Martin Luther King, Jr., and what it represents. In contemporary society, we see many racial confrontations, which might reflect systems of oppression that impact the lives and experiences of people in our culture. Work remains to be done because racism can be expressed in both subtle and not-so-subtle forms in individual, systemic and institutional ways. As a social worker, you can work to reduce, and possibly end, racial inequities in your community.

In this assignment, you will analyze the dynamics of racism and explore racial oppression as it relates to cultural dynamics, the class system, politics, and policies. You will explore how Christian faith and practice intersect with a passion for working on human rights issues, such as ending racism.

Textbook: The Social Work Practicum
Article: Revolt Without Violence: The Negroes’ New Strategy
Article: From Liberal Pluralism to Critical Multiculturalism: The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Multiculturalism Education for Social Work Practice in the United States
File: APA 6e Guide.pdf

Background Information
As a social worker, you will be expected to demonstrate character, scholarship, and leadership in your clinical practice.

Character is the product of constant action, striving daily to make the right choices. Through your work of analyzing diversity and pluralism, you are demonstrating such qualities as responsibility, fairness, and caring. You are proving by example that you value character.
Scholarship means a commitment to learning. Applying diligence and effort toward learning about diversity and pluralism can impact your professional practice positively.
Leadership at your agency means having a positive influence on your colleagues. In taking the initiative to learn diversity and pluralism, you can encourage others to attain the same objective, thus positively affecting your clients and your work toward social justice.

Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade.
In your textbook The Social Work Practicum, review Chapter 10, “Cultural Competence.”
Read the following articles:
“Revolt Without Violence: The Negroes’ New Strategy”
“From Liberal Pluralism to Critical Multiculturalism: The Need for a Paradigm Shift in Multiculturalism Education for Social Work Practice in the United States”
Review the file APA 6e Guide.pdf on how to cite sources properly.
Navigate to the threaded discussion and respond to the following prompts:
Provide two definitions of racism from the readings or other peer-reviewed social work journal articles and discuss their similarities and differences.
What sources of racial oppression do you think are connected with current cultural dynamics, politics, or policies? Give examples and explain your position. Do you believe there is a class system in America? Why or why not?
Briefly describe the two approaches to cultural competency and race described by Daniel, (Liberal Pluralism and a Critical approach), then make a brief argument for why one is more helpful than the other.
Identify one key element of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s philosophy or approach to addressing racial inequality from the reading and discuss why the strategy worked.
Finally, based on Martin Luther King, Jr.’s approach, discuss one way that social workers can address racism at the micro, mezzo, or macro level today. Support your response with reference to the course material.
The topic is Racism


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