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Please watch this episode of Undercover Boss do an Ethics of Care analysis on Jimbo, Marcee, and Colby. Specifically point out places when Ethics of Care was followed or violated. Do not generalize. In the last paragraph compare and contrast this analysis with any of the previous four theories. Use the vocabulary of Carol Gilligan and the principles found in the texts.

There should be a short introduction and conclusion with 4 substantive paragraphs.

Jimbo analysis
Marcee analysis
Colby analysis
Compare and contrasting at least one other theory with Ethics of Care.
You can break from this format a little but do it with intentionality. Make sure you cover at least those four topics I’ve presented.

The paper should be 2 pages long 12pt Times New Roman font, double spaced, and 1 inch margins. Please submit if below on Turnitin.



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