Woodblock printmaking

1. Compare and contrast Chinese scroll (hanging and hand) painting to Japanese woodblock (ukiyo-e) prints.

2. Explore Chinese scroll painting, woodblock printing and zen painting from videos and article below:

View Chinese scroll painting demonstration (suibokuhakurou)

View Ukiyo-e woodblock printing with Keizaburo Matsuzaki” (Art Gallery of NSW)

View Hitsuzendo – Zen with Brush and Ink

Read Zen painting
3. Answer the following

Which technique/format do you think requires more skill/craftsmanship on the part of the artist?
Which best expresses the artist’s vision or intent?
Do you personally find one style more appealing or beautiful than the other? Cite examples from our textbook in your response.

Requirements for Reflection Assignments
Compose a minimum of two paragraphs addressing the topic/questions in the assignment.



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