Voluntourism and neo-colonialism

Your essay should include the following:

  • An introduction in which you explain the ideas of voluntourism and neo-colonialism as well as outlining your main supporting points.
  • A discussion of at least three ways that voluntourism might be considered a form of neo- colonialism. In your discussion, you should refer to specific examples from the video and readings. (Note: the best answers will also draw from concepts from lecture and the textbook such as “white man’s burden,” ethnocentrism, core-periphery relations, transnational corporations, globalization, Orientalism, etc.)
  • A discussion of ways to improve voluntourism in order to avoid its neo-colonial characteristics
  • A brief conclusion in which you summarize your key points. (Note: you can also use your

conclusion to raise additional unanswered questions or concerns.)

There is only this PDF file, which you need for instructions about essay.

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