The Reality and Controversy in the American Dream

Write must compare the two stories I attached at the bottom. Once someone wants to start writing this paper I will include full details on the assignment.

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The draft follows the same guidelines as Essay 1–1,000 words, MLA format, works cited page, clear thesis, and so on, BUT MUST INCLUDE a minimum of one quote per text in each paragraph.

Your goal, again, is to compare and contrast the two readings as they relate to the concept of the “American Dream.”

1000 words, or roughly four to five double-spaced pages, including:

1) an introductory paragraph that contains a strong, clear, argumentative thesis. If I commented that your thesis wasn’t strong or clear enough on your outline, this is the time to think about how to improve it. Remember, you must take a position on an issue of the text you selected. If your thesis is mainly observational, you need to revise it.

2) A minimum of three body paragraphs, with a minimum of one piece of evidence per paragraph. It is highly advisable, however, to use more than three pieces of evidence. This may mean more than four paragraphs, or more than one quote per paragraph–the more content of this kind, the more persuasive your argument.

3) A conclusion. Remember, conclusion must briefly restate your thesis and evidence, and should ideally provide important context for your argument–this is your opportunity to tell how or why the particular argument you made matters in the grand scheme of things.

Additionally, the essay must be in MLA format. Consult your handbook and make double-sure that your formatting is correct. Format is easy to verify, so verify it and keep the easy point. You will be graded on this for every assignment from now on.

Please provide a separate works cited page, also in MLA format. There will be only one entry, of course, but it is good practice for the future. Use the original links I gave you for the readings to cite.

Also, make sure that you use the vericite feature to check for plagiarism before you submit your essay to me. I will be using it to check, and if I find any evidence of it, you will be immediately dropped from the class and reported to the college administration, at a minimum. I take this very seriously. You will do better with a bad paper than a plagiarized one in this class. Use vericite.

To review:

1000 words, minimum, including an introductory paragraph with clear thesis statement, three body paragraphs with at least on piece of quoted evidence per paragraph, and a proper conclusion. Separate works cited page. MLA format for everything. Vericite before final submission.


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