Mini-Research How Today’s Workplace is Different from that of 40 years ago

1- Mini-Research: How Today’s Workplace is Different from that of 40 years ago. Read two articles( if you pick articles, they should be websites not PDFs or books) or watch two YouTube videos to see how today’s workplace is different from the workplace of 40 years ago. Then, type “ONE” full page or longer to document your results.

The next parts won’t take two hours, I’m just explaining in detail:

2- Ten Things That Didn’t Happen That I am Grateful For. Sometimes, to appreciate what did happen, we have to look back at what could have happened but didn’t which should make us even more grateful for what did happen. For this one, create a numbered list – 1-10 – and beside each number, type a few words to tell something that didn’t happen that you are grateful for – such as – no one got seriously hurt or killed in any of my fender benders, etc… ( make up things, but do not overrate situations)

3- Positive Quotes Email. Find someone who needs cheering up and send them three (or more if you choose) positive quotes to lift their spirits. Then, write “ONE” full page – or longer – to tell who you chose, why you chose that person, what quotes you sent, how they reacted, and how you felt afterwards: ( I sent quotes to someone named Ali, who is a senior in collage and working for living ) ” make up the rest”

The three quotes are: (Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success, Shiv Khera)/ (Your smile will give you a positive countenance that will make people feel comfortable around you, Les Brown)/ (Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact, William James).

4- Post-It Notes: Select someone special to brighten their day. Then, create handwritten post-it notes with positive messages such as “Have a great day,” “I am so glad you are on my team,” or whatever you wish to say as long as it is positive, sincere, and from the heart. Then, put the post-it notes in several places that you know they will find them. Afterwards, write “ONE” full page or longer about who you created them for, why you choose that person, their reaction to it, and how you felt afterwards. ( I chose my brother Mohammed, he is in collage) “make up the rest”

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