Criminal justice agency report

Imagine that you are writing a report in a criminal justice agency; everyone is scrutinizing your work. The objective for this assignment is for you to learn how to write objectively. You are to respond to each question in the narrative format. I do not want lists; I want this in essay form. This is essay short answer; one paragraph per response is the only acceptable way to answer questions. One paragraph is defined, for this class, as five solid sentences. However, you are welcome to place more information into your response as investigation into any subject is encouraged. Do not copy from the text and do not use the powerpoint presentations in your responses. Avoid using contractions, texting language, and ensure that words are used properly. Edit your work. For this assignment, you will attach a MicroSoft Word document in the dropbox within this folder; no other form of word processing is acceptable. If I cannot open the assignment, it is an automatic F. The paper is Times-New Roman, 12-font, double spaced.





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