interactive Media and society

Abstract/ description should be posted for review by Monday. Oct 15 by noon.

Consider the topics covered in the text up to which are following documents and I posted in class notes which may help you– on the Procedural property of the digital medium as written about in the Murray text as well those topics on the HCI definition of affordance presented by Norman.

Select ONE interactive social media or e-commerce system that you use in your everyday life. A multiplayer and socially engaging game that is designed acceptable. You may select an app or an interactive web based service. (Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Twitter are excluded!)

Analyze the system from the point of view of the procedural properties. You should answer, these kinds of questions:

♦ What does the system do? What agency does the system provide for the user?

 Function: How will a specific user actually complete task and actions using the

J Describe the affordances

 Context: What are the social and cultural customs, relationships, institutions that the product reflect? Or subvert?
 Core: What deeper enduring human activities and values does the product serve?
♦ In relation to the, Function, Context and Core, how does the system, evoke responses on

the VisceralCognitiveStates
 Behavioral Cognitive States  Reflective Cognitive States

Consider how the systems procedural and interaction strategies. Is user experience affected by procedural rhetoric? We assume that the app or system is persuasive. You should answer, these kinds of questions:

♦ Is there any aspects that can be described as persuasive? If so how?
♦ Are the persuasive aspects explicit or implicit?
♦ Does the interactor/user base participate in creating the persuasive context?
♦ What assumptions, prejudices and judgments are implicit in the system?
♦ Is the procedural aspects lead the interactor/user into adopting new behaviors, either emotionally or cognitively?
♦ Be sure to research the aspects of the product in light it’s social or cultural impact. The paper should be 7 – 8 pages, saved in PDF format, 1.5 line spaced. Use a filename including your “full name_MT.PDF.” (Be sure to add the file extension in the name.) Upload the paper to the Journal, Mid Term Research Paper_or_Project. All papers must be cited for references, images, and quotes, if used. Parenthetical referencing is acceptable as in this: ( Each citation should appear in the order used: (Columbia College.) Citations:…





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