Human capital and talent management

The goal of this assignment will be for you to understand a particular chapter or concept in the textbook, and compare what the textbook says with what a human resource practioiner does.

This will requrire you to interview a human resource professional in order to determine how they, and their organization, approach a topic or concept noted in our textbook. For example, a concept noted in the textbook is, “building a culture of well-being”. Building a culture of well-being may include, wellness programs, health services, disability management, etc. Therefore, in your interview you would be asking questions related to how the organization addresses a culture of wellness, how they are buidling a culture of wellness, and what pieces they are using to do so.

Everyone will have different interview questions as the questions will be directly related to the HR topic or concept you have chosen.

Assigment requirements,

Clearly state the HR topic or concept from the textbook (1 paragraph). Please note the organization and HR professional interviewed.
Design a one page set of interview questions related to the HR topic or concept
Contact an HR professional to arrange an interview.
After the interview, prepare a 4 page comparative review of your findings. For example, if you chose “building a culture of wellness, then you would compare what the textbook says about this to what the HR professionals said their organization is doing.
Recommendations – you may have recommendation for the organization if they are not currently applying everything noted in the textbook. You may also have recommendations for our textbook if items noted by the HR professional are not noted in our textbook.
Overall, you paper should be approximately 5 pages, double-spaced, APA formatting.
Grading Rubric

Interview Questions

Interview Questions are well developed, and are written to deepen knowledge and reveal additional information related to the concept to topic to be explored


Comparative Review and Recommendations

The review explores all components of the topic chosen and compares the items noted in the textbook with related comments from the interview. Recommendations are clear and concise and direclty related to the topic or concept being studied


Writing and Grammar


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