Farewell My Concubine Prompt

Pick one character from Farewell My Concubine (dir. Cheng Kaige, 1993) and describe how this character might mimic, reproduce, or challenge the way in which one conceptualizes or imagines contemporary China, especially around the time of political changes and cultural turmoil. You may pick one scene that exemplifies your argument and explain why the scene is significant to your character analysis.

Requirements: 500-700 words with formal written language, 1-2 paragraphs only.

Consider starting your paragraph with: “In Farewell My Concubine directed by Cheng Kaige, [the character] + your argument.”


Depth of analysis: engagement with the film’s aesthetic, political and cultural details that eventually forms a strong coherent argument:10/10

Evidence: skillful scene reading that supports the argument: 10/10


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