Alberto Cairo: Introduction to Data Visualization

STEP 1: To begin our week about Data Visualization, watch this video keynote by Alberto Cairo, an expert in data visualization.


STEP 2: Review this stream of 10 data visualizations

from the news organization Axios from 2017 to get a sense of how these projects are being incorporated into the national news conversation in a variety of ways.

STEP 3: Once you have watched the video, respond to the following questions to create a study guide/summary notes of this video and your learning:

List each of the three facts that the speaker organizes his lecture around. For each fact, write a paragraph in your own words summarizing that section of the lecture and providing 2 examples or details that you learned from the video in that section.

1- What were the most interesting parts of the presentation, in your opinion?

2- From the Axios stream (see step 2 above), which data visualization was the most compelling to you. Why?

3- How can data visualization be used in digital marketing and analytics?


– MAKE SURE TO BE specific in your answer

– Make sure to organize your answer with heading title for each question.



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