“The Prince” By Machiavelli

Please Answer the following questions about the book Machiavelli. If you didn’t road the book before or you don’t know what the book is about please don’t bid on my question. Use only The Prince by Machiavelli to answer these questions—you do not need to consult any outside or internet sources. Please type your answers in complete sentences and cite specific examples from the book.

I will put a copy of the book in case you need to review some information

Here are the questions

1. How does Machiavelli describe the different forms that government can take?

2. What are different approaches to ruling territories that get added to one’s own?

3. What are key attributes of a Prince?

4. Why is it better for Prince to be feared, rather than loved?

5. How does a Prince balance the need to gain fame, or renown, while also avoiding being despised?

I repeat If you didn’t read the book before please don’t bid on my question.

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