Based on your review of the Syllabus Course Description

Based on your review of the Syllabus Course Description and Learning Outcomes, choose a related complex topic that is of interest to you, and write an abridged literature review on your topic. Use the prior assignment annotated bibliography topic that was submitted to and approved by the professor. The purpose of this review is to integrate and synthesize scholarly literature on your chosen topic. This literature review should describe, contrast, critique major findings and key theories on your topic, as well as identify controversial questions. In your review of the literature, evaluate the effective application of primary management concepts to your topic and demonstrate a synthesis of biblical principles and secular knowledge as new thoughts generated as a result of your research. (See “What is a Literature Review” supplement)


This assignment and all assignments in this course have a management, not leadership focus. There is a distinct difference between management and leadership. Discuss management, not leadership. The Contemporary Management text only provides basic topical information. As a research-intensive doctoral course, you will need to research current scholarly literature. There is no assignment in this course that can be completed by relying on the text alone.

This assignment must be based on a narrowly focused topic – contemporary organizational management is not a narrowly focus topic, it is a very broad topic. Here is an example of a narrowly focused topic: “The impact of X management on Job Dissatisfaction” Here are examples of broad-based topics that will not work for this assignment:

Human Resources
Organizational Goals
Sexual Harassment
Controlling Mangers
Mid-Level Managers
Both your Abstract and your Introduction need more development.

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