Discuss how business use Access Control to protect their information,

1) Discuss how businesses use Access Control to protect their information, describe how a business will the Control Process.

All papers are written in APA formatting, include title and references pages (not counted). Must use at least two references and citations.

Analyzing Protocols with Wireshark Each question needs a paragraph answer.

2) What are some causes of the number of bytes on the wire exceeding the number of bytes being captured?

3) What are the source and destination MAC address in Frame 546?

4) What is the manufacturer’s specific ID for Intel Core?

5) What is the MAC address used for IPv4 multicast?

6) What version of IP is present in Frame 546? What is the source IP address?

7) At what times do the various steps of the Google three-step TCP handshake occur?

8) A DNS query failure is referred to a higher level Domain Name Server under what condition?

9) The descriptive text that accompanies the packet analysis is provided by Wireshark. True or False?

The first question is separate and it should be in one word document with 2 -3 pages of body and all others should have a paragraph of 5 lines

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