The drafting of the United States Constitution

first student /// – In the constitution convention on slide 61 I noticed that the blinds are opened in the room, this means that anyone on the outside could look in the room and see what they are doing inside. I remember reading that the constitution congress vowed to keep their meeting a secret until they were ready to present the new government to the people. The fact that the curtains are open in the painting goes against that notion of a secret meeting; even though it was an especially hot summer in the year 1787.

second student

In the constitution convention on slide 61 one thing which is wrong in this the “group of three peoples (one in a red coat, one in black coat & third one is on left of them) standing in front of the man who is showing the printed constitution of United States”. It seems like that they are arguing against the drafting of the Constitution or the various provisions contained in the constitution. The blinds are open so, they had to keep the meeting secret. People could see through it or they could hear what was going on.

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