Macbeth The Power of Words

Step 1: Character Interpretation

Earlier in this lesson, you read two different interpretations of a scene featuring Lady Macbeth. You were asked to view a stage performance of the same scene in order to answer this question: How does this interpretation compare to the others?
In response to at least five sentences (75-100 words), comment on the stage interpretation and explain your impression of Lady Macbeth in this scene. Use specific examples from the clip to support your answer. Things to consider include her facial expressions, body language, and tone of voice. Be sure to specifically reference the action in the clip to support your answer.

Step 2: Setting Interpretation

Choose one of the provided scenes from Macbeth that you have previously studied in this course and locate or create an image that shows a fitting setting for that scene. This should be background or backdrop appropriate for the scene to take place in.
In response to at least five sentences (75-100 words), explain why you chose the image. Use examples from the play and the image to support your reasoning. Include the scene and the image along with your response. Be sure to cite the relevant lines of the play to support your answer.

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