Communication Issues and Conflict

Last week, my colleague wanted to impose a change of my routine, she wanted me to put all my residents(the patients I was assigned) in beds but it was early, she wanted me to watch her resident(the patient she was assigned) while she chooses to take an early break. She wanted to take an early break so she can be with another coworker, who she considered her best friend. I did not agree with her and told her that I could change my routine only if my patient request, but not when a co-work wants me to do so Melissa, my coworker knows that we suppose to follow the break schedule, but did not care about that, just wanted to impose me to change my patient’s routine, put everybody in bed. I did not agree with Melissa, and as soon as I made her aware of my disagreed with her plan of taking an early break, she started arguing with you. I told her that I was not responsible for her residents she left at the lobby and I was ready to give a shower to one of my patients. She became more upset, started shouting and yelling at me saying. She stated that she hated me so much, it reached a point where I could not take it anymore with the fact, she was yelling at me; I also did the same too, shouted at her, the situation escalated. The supervisor was called and talk to us. This was an external form of conflict, It arises when individuals have opposing objectives or interests.

In the communication process during this situation of conflict, identify the Ineffective Communication behaviors that occurred and explain why they were ineffective in resolving the conflict.

I believe it was not important for us to fight. I realized that as soon as I raised my voice to her, that even made the whole situation worse. The ineffective communication was the fact, I raised my tone when talking to her. I supposed to stay calm and explained to her the raison of my disagreement and suggest she maybe talk to the supervisor. I could express my feelings to Melissa, tell her that my patients were my priority, and I must satisfy their needs.

my mistake was the fact I yelled back to her. Instead of me started shouting back to her, I supposed to keep my voice down, this could prevent this conflict from happening. Also being more assertive, expressing my thought, but in a calm atmosphere individuals to deliver their interests successfully (Filella et al., 2018).

#3 In this situation, how could you have been more assertive in dealing with the conflict? Include information from the video and link on Assertiveness.

After watching the video on how to be assertive I can say, to be assertive is to explain clearly and calmly what you have to say. I explain to Melissa her careless attitude towards the patient she was assigned to. I suppose also to let her know that mutual respect.


Filella, G., Ros-Morente, A., Oriol, X., & March-Llanes1, J. (2018). The Assertive Resolution of Conflicts in School with a Gamified Emotion Education Program. Frontiers in Psychology.

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