Appraise the relationship between a heightened regulatory environment and corporate governance.

The leadership team at ABC also understands the impact that banks have on the aggregate economy, particularly the ramifications of mismanaged risks within banks. ABC’s leadership team believes that a holistic understanding of the intricacies of risk management within banks as well as the impact of risk on the economy is necessary to drive the desired behavior. As a result, you have been hired to facilitate a presentation for ABC’s new hires. Your presentation should be composed in PowerPoint or Prezi and must be submitted to ABC’s HR department for approval by the end of the week. Along with the slides, you must also submit notes on what you will say during the presentation. You should use the Note feature at the bottom of the PowerPoint slide to submit the notes.

Your presentation and notes should include the following:

Identify three ways that banks impact the economy. Include clear examples and well-defined reasons.
Identify two regulations and describe their origin and role in managing risks within banks.
What risk management standards did the banks employ as a result of the regulations?
What are the consequences of failing to meet the standards outlined by the regulators?
Would a firm be prudent to properly manage its leverage and liquidity levels if they are not regulated? Why or why not? What tools can organizations employ to manage the risks caused by inadequate levels?
Requirements: .doc file

Grading Rubric:

More than three ways that banks can impact the economy are included, and all with relevant examples that assess more than deposits and loans; thorough explanation of the economic impact.
More than two applicable regulations (laws or acts) are identified, and the origin and role in managing risks within banks are thoroughly explained.
For each regulation mentioned, appropriate risk management standards that were a result are listed and thoroughly explained.
The consequences of failure to meet the regulatory standards are thoroughly explained and include relevant examples.
Answers the question of why (or why not) a firm would be prudent to properly manage its leverage and liquidity levels if they are not regulated. Answer includes thorough explanations, rationale, and relevant examples.
Appropriate tools and their benefits for managing each risk associated with leverage and liquidity are thoroughly explained.

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