Emotion and its impact on communication

The purpose of this assignment is to let you investigate a particular facet of Interpersonal Communication in more depth. This is also an opportunity for you to work on your public speaking skills.

Choose an aspect of Interpersonal Communication that you would like to learn more about: i.e., nonverbal communication, emotional intelligence, deception, relationship development, etc. Once you have decided on your topic you will need to research your topic.

Go to the Library website, select find articles, choose EBSCOhost from the list, then check the box by “communication and mass media complete.” On the left side of the page under “Refine Results” check the box by “Full Text” and by “Scholarly (Peer Reviewed Journals),” finally select “Academic Journals” under source type. Search terms: You will want to use interpersonal communication as a search term but you can then add another term to narrow down your search.

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