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Respond to the following discussion post in at least a hundred words by Thursday. Make sure you respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts by Sunday. For instructions on how to use Canvas discussions click on the following link: Discussions overview video for students

This week, Antonia Peacocke argues that the controversial show “Family Guy”-which is notorious for its often offensive sense of humor-actually possesses some worth and merit. Thus she defends a show that many people frown upon as crude or vulgar. Can you think of something controversial (another show, a song, an entertainer, a politician, or some hot-button issue) that might in fact have some merit as well, in spite of what most people think? For example, I might declare that horror movies are in fact useful since they provide a harmless way for people to release their pent up anger or violent tendencies. What controversial topic can you come up with and defend?

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