Discussion Debate – Is social inequality inevitable

Read_this_tnb.png This debate will focus on poverty and social class (Chapter 2). Many people do not consider how society is divided and by what criteria. With gender as the only consistent division among all cultures, this discussion will focus on other ways society is, or has been, divided and how those divisions effect people’s social class and inequality in general.

Be sure to read the debate instructions where there are also some examples, and review the rubric. You can review the rubric for the debate by selecting “show rubric” in the drop down menu at the top of the discussion assignment.
Your assignment.jpgAfter reading chapter 2 and watching the videos on the weekly resource page using table 2.4 in your text as a guide; debate the following topic:

Is social inequality inevitable?

The following points are examples of ways you can approach the question.

Points that support this statement (Pro): Points that negate this statement (Con):
Inequality emerges from the social structure The perception of those in poverty is shaped by media owned by those in power
Poverty serves a social function Poverty is learned based on a “culture of poverty” that encourages and perpetuates it
Inequality and poverty benefit those in power
Inequality is maintained by those in power
Make sure you use one of the major theories to help explain your point.

Remember three total posts are due by Sunday with one of the three posted by Thursday. Make sure you review the Debate Instructions for how to properly do this assignment. At least one post MUST be a reply to someone else refuting their side of the argument and at least ONE post MUST deal with the issue of how the topic manifests in the local area.

Reminder.pngRemember to support your posts with evidence! At least one reference is required.

Evidence is specific examples from your text, or an external reference that discusses the issue. One of the main purposes of these discussions is to help you learn to see points from more than one side, learn to write better by being able to frame your arguments around a theme such as social problems.

instructions attached for your reference

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