Growth Mindset Discussion

  1. Reflect on the growth mindset exercise we did in class
  2. Read the brief article about the science of mindset
  3. Think about a time you faced adversity and overcame it, now describe that time. You may share your story in writing, via a 3-minute video or via a multi-media presentation:
      • Describe the situation
      • Explain the adversity/challenge you faced
      • Explain what actions you took to overcome this adversity or challenge. Be specific: what beliefs, behaviors, and level of effort helped you overcome the adversity.
      • Explain how the situation worked out
      • Explain what you learned from this experience
  4. Explain to a younger brother or sister, how having a growth mindset can help him/her overcome adversity and accomplish his/her goals. Explain what they can do to achieve and sustain a growth mindset.



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