Why is it important for businesses to understand and care about political economics and different political systems? As you complete these activities you will develop a deeper understanding of the effect politics has on trade, regulations, and practices. The political system and government in a country includes these rules, regulations, and practices based on values and beliefs. Therefore, each country’s political system has an impact on the policies that govern the business environment both locally and internationally.

What is political economics?

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Watch Why International Political Economy Is at the Heart of World Order in the 21st Century

Learn more about political economics.

Read the ebook Chapter 3 through legal systems. As you read focus on:

What did PepsiCo encounter as they moved into the international marketplace?
What are the major political systems?
What are the major economic systems?
What are legal systems and how are they affected by culture?

Investigate the political factors that affect international business.

Watch the video Impact of Political Factors

Complete the Quick Study questions for each section (1 – 4).



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