Project Risk Management

Risk Culture and Risk Attitude can influence the outcome of risk management. How does
risk attitude influence risk culture or vice versa? Explain why the need to build a good
Risk Culture with your project team. What does a good risk culture look like?

“Everyone knows that culture is important—but why? What about risk culture? What
should you do if your project or organisation takes too much risk – or too little? … Culture
arises from repeated Behaviour – if we do the same things repeatedly we will develop a
shared approach to “how we do things around here.” But behaviour is based on our
underlying Attitudes – how we think shapes our actions.” Hillson (2013).

Assignment Task: To answer the above questions, this is done by:
• Reading and reviewing the literatures provided as a starting point but not limiting
yourself to these sources of information.
• To assist you in your research, you can collaborate in discussing your research
with your study team but the report is an individual submission in report format
using the VU Harvard AGPS style.
• You have to identify three other relevant articles to support your review and your
• The word count – unspecified, as many as necessary for completeness of your
• Report Due: Week 8

Report Structure:
The report should include the followings:
• Cover page
• Executive summary
• Table of Content
• Introduction
• Body of report
• Conclusion

EPM5740 Project Risk Management Week 7 Literature Review_LHT
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Available in e-format:

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4. Deloitte , Cultivating a Risk Intelligent Culture: understand, measure, strengthen,
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