contemporary environmental art

Essay #2 will be a research paper on contemporary environmental art. Find a minimum of 3 reliable sources on a topic of your choice.

Choose a project or work of art that fulfills all of the following requirements: 1) It was created between 1960 and the present day. 2) It promotes an ecological world view and/or addresses current issues or crises in the natural environment. 3) It is not by one of the artists featured in class (Subhankar Banerjee, Andy Goldsworthy, Ant Farm, Maya Lin, Margaret Mee, Edward Burtynski-Water, Tom Killion).

*Claim the topic (on a first-come, first-serve basis) by posting a one-paragraph description on Canvas Collaborations and by dating your entry on the Google Doc sign-up sheet.

**Construct a thesis statement defining your theme (underline your thesis statement). Analyze and interpret the selected project or work of art; place it in its historical and environmental context; identify the creative environmental strategies employed by the artist (refer to the handout ARTH193A-01 Native Plants Assignment Fall 2020.docx; and draw your conclusions. Minimum of 3 pages (double-spaced; not including quotations, bibliography and notes, and illustrations) (GELO 1,2,3; CLO 1,2).

***Provide an annotated bibliography (for tips on how to analyze sources see the handout . Include illustrations with captions in an Appendix. Submit the essay online to Canvas Assignments.

Your essays must demonstrate your ability to write clearly, coherently and concisely. The second term paper must also demonstrate your ability to use sources and to cite your references properly, using the Chicago Manual of Style format. See the link to Quick Chicago as well as the writing rubric below:

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