Discussion – Pay or Walk Away

In this week’s discussion board post, students will be required to complete discussion board activities responding to case studies at the end of Chapter 1: “Ethical Decision Making” in the Rea textbook. The posts shall include one initial response followed by two replies to the initial responses of other students in the course but on different case studies other than the one chosen in the student’s initial response.

1. Initial post: Choose one case study from the end of the assigned reading for each week in the Rea text and produce a 250 word essay in APA format completely answering the questions and reflecting on the material. The initial response must be supported by a minimum number of 1 academic sources not included in the class materials. Successful discussion posts will demonstrate organization, command of the subject matter, and logical critiques/analysis and address all of the components in the below grading rubric. Due day 4, 25 points.

The academic sources cited in posts should support the students’ position and be from scholarly sources and listed in APA format on a separate, attached reference page.



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